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We are a modern and efficient team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the highest quality translation and interpretation services in Moscow

Our agency offers you a wide range of translation services from/into main European languages:

✓ English;
✓ German;
✓ French;
✓ Spanish;
✓ Italian.

We perform professional translations of texts on various topics, attracting only specialists who have extensive experience in translating narrowly focused texts:

✓ Law and finance;
✓ Medicine and pharmaceuticals;
✓ Engineering and manufacturing;
✓ IT (websites and software localization);
✓ Translation of scientific papers;
✓ Advertising and marketing;
✓ Sports and travel.

We select interpreters according to the type of event and your specific requirements.

Our translators work at various events: exhibitions, forums, business meetings, training seminars and conferences with the participation of European experts.

Our agency provides a document translation service with notarized certification of the translator's signature at the following rates:

The main requirement for notarization of a translation is the presence of official seals and signatures.

In accordance with Art. 81«The Fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on the Notariate»the notary certifies the translator’s signature.

Requirements for the document to be translated:

The document must be in the original or in a copy certified by an authorized person;
The document must contain the necessary document attributes —number, date, signature and seal;
It is impossible to notarize the translation of some part of the document. Translation must be made for the entire text of the document.

For some documents, it is enough to certify the translation with a seal of the translation agency. The certification of the translation by the seal of the translation agency confirms the fact that the translation was made by a qualified translator, as well as that the translation corresponds to the original text.

You can order translation services and ask any questions by phone: +7 (495) 142-20-57 и +7 (985) 774-53-44 or by writing to us to: hello@contect.agency

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