Engineering and Manufacturing

Translation of technical texts in accordance with industry standards

One of the most requested types of documents to translate in our company is technical documentation. In this case, we believe, the most important criterion for the quality work is the selection of competent industry specialists to perform it who possess narrowly specialized knowledge.

The translators of the Contect agency are professionals in the following fields:

– Engineering, automotive;
– Shipbuilding and maritime transportation;
– Geophysics and Oceanology;
– Oil and gas;
– Geology-prospecting equipment;
– Metallurgy;
– Radioelectronics;
– Energy industry;
– Ecology;
– Agriculture;
– Industrial construction.

We translate:

✓ Standards and regulatory documents;
✓ Certificates and operational manuals for equipment and devices;
✓ Drawings and design documentation;
✓ Patents and scientific research results;
✓ Tender documentation.

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