IT, websites localization

Our localization service ensure that your content is accessible to a wider audience.

Our experts have extensive experience in translation:

Technical documentation for IT equipment;
Operation manuals;
Press releases;
Software, applications;

Websites localization

Why would you need to translate your website?

When the market of its native country is not enough for constantly growing business and it requires “fresh blood” among customers and investors, one cannot do without presenting their services in a language which is spoken anywhere in the world.

Our agency provides website translationfrom/into English (or any other language). We will translate:

✓ The content of the website,
✓ Graphic elements,
✓ Buttons.

To do this, you just need to send us the links of the website pages or the texts in MSWord format. You will get the translation in the form of text files.

We can also perform the translation of meta-tags so that your website can be easily found by foreign users.

Find out the PRICE ofyour TRANSLATION: