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Translation of business documentation


The complexity of the translation in the field of finance lies in the abundance of highly specialized terms, new words, abbreviations and acronyms not all of which can be found in the dictionaries – so rapidly is developing the field of economics and finance. In addition, each state has its own standards for reporting forms and the translator must be aware of current economic situation and have a clear understanding of the principles and nuances of their development and the trends of their changes.

When translating legal documents, it is necessary to take into account the existing difference in the legal systems of the countries, Russian and English legal language.

Our translators have extensive experience in translating:

✓ Banking documentation;
✓ Audit reports;
✓ Contract documentation;
✓ Tax declarations;
✓ Business plans;
✓ Tender documents;
✓ Business correspondence.

As well as:

✓ Court decisions;
✓ Agreements;
✓ Foundation documents;
✓ Certificates, licenses, permits, patents, approvals.

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