Sports and tourism

Linguistic support for sporting events, establishing communication between people, countries and continents

Sports Translation

Translation plays a very important role in the development of international tourism and sports.

At the same time, high-quality sports translation can only be done perfectly knowing terminology and slang adopted in each particular sport. Our experts are well aware of the topic and all the nuances of sports translation and have extensive experience of work at various sports events.

The translators of the Contect agency translate:

Sports news;
Sports documentation;
Catalogs of sports products;
Promotional materials, etc.

Translation in the sphere of tourism

Tourist texts translators are required to make the text as beautiful as it was originally so that the reader would like to visit the resort or country described.

Firstly, it is necessary to accurately convey the meaning of the text. Secondly, to interest the client of described in a catalogue resort or country. An important part is to preserve the advertising character of the original text as well as the focus of the translation on the target audience.

You can order from us the translation of:

Travel brochures, catalogues, presentations;
Travel guides;
Promotional articles;
Booking systems websites, etc.

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