Translation of scientific papers

We can successfully deliver the results of your research work to specialists from the right audience around the world

Your benefits

The translation of scientific works of scientists from Russia and the CIS countries occupies a special place in our company (articles and monographs). Years of experience with scientific materials allows us to easily solve various problems associated with the translation of scientific and technical texts. We will analyze the article, select translators specialized in specific fields and help you bring the results of your research to specialists from the right audience all over the world.

We specialize in translation:
Scientific articles,
Thesis defense, student’s works, graduate thesis, degree projects, essays,
Study guides,
Research studies;
✓ Reports, presentations, etc. 


We will professionally translate your scientific paper (article or presentation) possessing extensive translation experience in various fields of knowledge, such as: Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Agriculture, Engineering, Metallurgy, Geology, Oceanology, Psychology, Economics, etc.

Transcription of thesis defence

Our agency also prepares transcripts of thesis defense for submission to State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles taking into account formal requirements, as well as transcripts of your lectures, seminars and dictated materials for writing articles.

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