As a part of his work a translator often has to deal with important documents containing information that is not subject to disclosure. This may be personal correspondence, medical certificates, a court decision, internal corporate documents, the contents of which are a commercial secret, information relating to media personalities, criminal case materials, etc. In all these cases, the issue of confidentiality becomes very critical. How is non-disclosure guaranteed? And is it worth paying close attention to this issue at all?

First, you need to consider that taking care of data safety may be the responsibility of our client. Often it is he who must take measures to not disclose information, otherwise, he may be threatened with civil, administrative and even criminal liability. With this in mind, we perfectly understand the importance of confidentiality and are always ready to meet the challenges of such a sensitive issue.


Non-disclosure of information can be provided in different ways:

  • the signing of a non-disclosure agreement – it contains everything in detail, in particular, the specific measures taken, the way of data transfer and storage, persons gaining access to information, their responsibility and so on;
  • the same manager works with our client, with whom current issues are resolved;
  • access to all data received from the customer is limited;
  • the original data provided by the client is either destroyed or returned.


Naturally, it is not necessary to undertake solely one thing. For example, to ensure confidentiality, we sign an appropriate contract, and also strictly monitor, as part of its execution, how the data is transferred, where and how exactly it is stored. Access to such materials will be available only to the translator who works with them. And we also sign non-disclosure agreements with our employees.

If information needs to be transferred, we can encrypt the data using modern algorithms for this. That is, to guarantee confidentiality every step is thought out literally.


Translation confidentiality: a question of responsibility and reputation

In the modern world, the translator regularly deals with documents from which someone’s life or the fate of large contracts can literally depend. Therefore, serious specialists in this industry are well aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality; they do not have to be separately persuaded to take appropriate measures.

Plus, quality work with a client always means not only the satisfaction of the request that was requested but also the absence of damage. Otherwise, this is an irresponsible approach to the matter, which will harm the translators themselves. And, of course, we try to avoid this.

One of the key points of maintaining confidentiality and building trusting relationships with the client in this regard is the discussion of specific measures. For example, if it is more convenient to transfer the translation material in parts, then such a format of cooperation is possible. Everything is discussed.